This is a feature and bug-fix update for Age of Empires II: The Conquerors Expansion. Its primary focus is to correct several long existing issues with the game, the AI system, compatibility, and related elements.

Core Features of v1.4 RC (Updated: 2015/07/23)

Changes from v1.3 to v1.4 RC

Spectator Stream System

Single Player Recording

Record Viewer Updates

New Statistics Views

Scenario Editor Updates

Multiple Building Queue

New Civilization Options

Patrol Default Modes (Ctrl+F1)

Extended Help Modes (F1)

Always-on-Top Mode (F7)

Background Mode (F8)

Windowed Mode

Port Forwarding

M3U Music Playlists

Scenario Editor

AI & RM Scripts

Download UserPatch v1.4 (Release Candidate, Build 4230)

Note: this is subject to change, and compatibility is not guaranteed with the final release.
Download UserPatch v1.4 (20150723-000000).

Get Enhanced AIs

Please see the AoKH Ladder for advanced AIs that support the enhancements of v1.4.
You can find links to AIs including The Horde, Barbarian, IS_Machine, and many more.

Installation Guide

Please click here to learn more about the features of UserPatch v1.4.
You can find troubleshooting and other information, as well.

Previous Versions

Download UserPatch v1.3 (20130606-180000).
Download UserPatch v1.2 (20130513-140000).

Related Software

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